Pneumonia and teeth cleaning

Do you know ?
Male researchers at Yale University, USA, to cleaning teeth continuously protects the body from infection of the gums and mouth disease, it also prevents injury serious pulmonary infections.

According to researchers explained in their study published in the Agency (ELS) News Medical, the preceding infection pneumonia a significant changes in the activity of bacteria in the mouth, where it was to monitor these changes at thirty-seven patients throughout the entire month.

And about those results, said lead researcher Dr. Samit Joshi (that their findings in their study helps in understanding the causes of pneumonia and open the way for the development of means of prevention and treatment more effective against the disease).

This is Pneumonia single most important common diseases in a number of countries in the world, have been recorded more than 620 thousand cases a year in Britain, die, including about five percent per year, has been recording the death of about 25 thousand people in the UK in 2009 due to inflammation pneumonia.

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