How do i floss my teeth ?

Dental floss and Dental Rinse
Flossing teeth and brush at the same importance, and we should use the dental floss once a day at least, but ideally be done after every meal. There are machines help those who have difficulty in dealing with the dental floss. Floss works to remove leftover food particles between the teeth and inside the gum pockets , which reduces the volume of plaque inside the mouth. And flossing is important, especially in the prevention of gum disease, which is the main cause of tooth loss and the incidence of tooth decay .

The technique used in flossing is more important than the type of floss you use. Defect floss between your teeth, and then move the floss back and forth on both sides of every teeth,but never instilled floss into the gums. When the floss reaches the gum line, make it bend to take the C-shaped on one of the two teeth and then gently rub up and down. The use of the thread can be acquired skill. If you have just started to use floss, be patient, it will become easier with the passage of time.

As for mouthwash (rinsing), has several functions. Mouthwash genitive fluoride may help in the prevention of tooth decay, but mouthwash cleanser has temporarily kills certain bacteria that cause mouth odors.

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