how do we keep teeth healthy and get a beautiful smile?

Tooth decay how it happens and what are there stages?

Happens tooth decay due to fermentation of carbohydrates in the food by some oral bacteria occurring change in the properties of acidic mouth and in turn lead to a change in the properties of the teeth, and occurs decomposition of calcium and fluoride which leads to reduced stiffness teeth and it becomes fragile.

Where comes from decay and its causes?

Tooth decay does not happen because of only one substance, but it is a complex process involving more than one party, namely:

A. Dental plaque bacteria and: Sunni plaque is located on the aspects of the teeth, and consists of bacteria and also of deposited material from the saliva and its components, and it becomes a place for bacteria to multiply and grow, the bacteria norepinephrine decay-causing substances.

B. And carbohydrates that cause decay

The immune system can prevent tooth decay.
But prevention is better than cure, so we recommend following the following:
1 – brushing your teeth regularly for 3 minutes per day (can be divided into
Two or three) after meals.
2 – visit the dentist twice a year for the work of the examination.
3 – Reducing sugars in food while reducing drinking soft drinks, juices, sugar-added.
4 – Reduce eating between meals and eat sugars and sweets, especially after meals, to reduce the duration of tooth exposure to acids.

How can you choose the right putty?

All pastes containing a quantity of fluoride beneficial to the teeth, and also calcium, this protect teeth from decay and strengthens tooth enamel, but there are in the markets specialized types of pastes to treat gum disease, and there are pastes rich in fluoride for treatment sensitive teeth, and the patient must consult a doctor to choose his teethpaste appropriate for him and how and duration of use.

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Does smoking harm to the teeth?

Smoking is a major cause of gum disease and tooth decay ,Smoking reduces blood flow and that lead to reduce the immune system of the gums also smoking lead to increase the proportion of harmful bacteria dental and that smoking is a major cause of cancer of the mouth and gums to the presence of carcinogens in tobacco.

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