how to stop yellowing teeth ?

Yellowing teeth treatment
A lot of people suffer from the problem of yellowing teeth, afflicting women in particular because it affects their beauty , like people are different in the color of their skin and their hair , they are different in the color of their teeth

And natural teeth can yellow for a number of reasons:

A- Yellowing surface which results from tobacco use or frequent drinking coffee or tea or eating certain foods that help to dye teeth as berries types in addition to calcium material gathered around teeth.

B – Internal yellowing which results from aging or for injuries or excessive use of fluoride or as a result of certain diseases or taking antibiotics like (tetrasiklin) in an early age.


1 – brushing your teeth with toothpaste every morning and evening .

2 – Eating too much strawberry juice It helps to whiten teeth.

3 – scrub your teeth with lemon juice on a piece of cotton , and repeat it daily until the yellowing disappears .

4- scrub your teeth with sodium bicarbonate material ( purchased from the pharmacy .) With no overuse because it affects the integrity of the gums and teeth.

6 – taken piece of toast and burned completely on fire, and grind until the turn to ashes and then mixed with half a spoonful of honey , and scrub dental, repeat the process and you will notice an impressive result, and in addition to that honey is useful for whiteness of teeth , but you must after you finish wash your teeth because honey causes tooth decay .

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