Why Is Tobacco So Harmful?

You may have heard about some of the negative effects of tobacco, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases, but tobacco use also has significant effects on your mouth and teeth that you may not know about.

All formof tobacco can negatively affect your mouth. The tobacco in cigarettes, cigars, and pipecontains over 4,000 harmfl chemicals and ases, and 50 of these are ancer-producing Likewise, smokeless (chewing) tobacco has about 3,000 hemical , and 28 of these are carcinogenic (can cause cancer). Many of these om-pounds act directly as irritants and poisons (toxins) to mouth tissues.

The most direct negative effect n the mouth is chemicl in nature.However oral tissue damage also occurswhen the lining of the mouth is heated and dried out during moking. Also, during snuff dipping or tobacco chewing, a pinch of spit tobacco or a “chaw” of leaf or plug tobacco is placed directly against the oral soft tissues, bathing the entire mouth in tobacco juice.

Contact with the irritating and dangerous chemicals produced by all formof tobacco can cause extensive oral damage within a relatively short period.

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