Behavioral Dentistry, 2nd Edition

Behavioral Dentistry, 2nd Edition

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Behavioral Dentistry, Second Edition, surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice of dentistry. An understanding of social sciences has long been a central part of dental education, and essential for developing a clinician’s appreciation of human behavior as it affects efficient dental treatment. This book gathers together contributions from leading experts in each of the major subspecialties of behavioral dentistry. Its aim is not merely to provide the student and clinician with a comprehensive review of the impressive literature or discussion of the theoretical background to the subject, but also with a practical guide to adapting the latest techniques and protocols and applying them to day-to-day clinical practice.

This second edition of Behavioral Dentistry discusses biobehavioral processes, including the psychobiology of inflammation and pain, oral health and quality of life, saliva health, and hypnosis in dentistry. The book goes on to examine anxiety, fear, and dental and chronic orofacial pain, and then reviews techniques for designing and managing behavior change. It concludes with a section on professional practice, including care of special needs, geriatric, and diabetic patients, and interpersonal communication in dental education.

Surveys all key sub-specialties within one comprehensive text
Balances theory with practical guidelines for clinical setting
Features both existing and recently developed techniques in behavioral dentistry
Editors and contributors provide an international and interdisciplinary perspective

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