Oral Diseases and Disorders: Differential Diagnosis (pdf)

Oral Diseases and Disorders: Differential Diagnosis (pdf)

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Oral Diseases and Disorders: Differential Diagnosis
Differential diagnosis based on clinical, radiological, histological and other investigative routes forms an important part in any branch of medicine. Students of dentistry need to learn relevant aspects of diagnostic process during their training. Oral Diseases and Disorders: Differential Diagnosis is an attempt to provide relevant information on differential diagnosis of various conditions that involve oral and maxillofacial structures. Style, design and structure of chapter presentation have been kept simple and controversial aspects that relate to some oral diseases have been deliberately omitted. Relevant color and black and white illustrations have been used to complement the text. This book is meant to serve primarily the undergraduate students of dentistry. Students preparing for Oral Diagnosis, Oral Medicine and Oral and Maxillo­facial Surgery Examinations will find this book useful. It is hoped that practitioners of dentistry and those pursuing dental hygiene courses also will find this book useful.

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