Bone Augmentation In Oral Implantology (pdf)

Bone Augmentation In Oral Implantology (pdf)

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Bone Augmentation In Oral Implantology (pdf)
Today, bone augmentation is an important chapter in implant treatment. This book describes different possibilities to augment the bone volume in the maxilla and the mandible. The text includes the underlying scientific concept of the different methods from grafting with mandibular bone, to grafting with bone from extraoral sites, to GBR techniques and biomaterials up to augmentation with distraction osteogenesis as well as detailed guidelines for practical application. Important criteria for success are presented, as well as, possible complications and their treatment.

Bone Augmentation in Oral Implantology is a must-read for every implantologist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and anyone with an interest in dental surgery.

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